Engineers Keep The Porn Industry Running


Google makes information available on popularity and usage of websites. The advertising used by advertising planners to decide how and where their advertising budgets on the web is used. The lateral thinkers at ExtremeTech have used this publicly available data in an unexpected way. They have had their IT support analysts pouring out over the usage, size and computer technology running internet porn sites.

Independent IT Support Engineers Fine Porn Websites are Huge

These clever IT support engineers have found out that porn sites are huge. Maybe that’s not such a surprise, but they are really, really huge! In fact it turns out they are some of the biggest websites on the planet. According to the IT support analysis there are dozens of websites in the top 500 rankings of websites. The biggest porn website gets 4.4 billion page views per month. To put that in context that’s 3 times more pages views than CNN But the IT Support people have calculated that the porn sites are even bigger than that There are 3 special IT support factors that make them even bigger than a normal website หนัง Av.

1. Visitors spend 3 times longer on a porn site than other websites.

2. Porn sites are based on text based This means that they store massive quantities of data Much more than a normal text based website would

3. Because they are video based they require vast amounts of bandwidth to stream these videos. Again, more than a normal text based website would

IT Support Companies Say These Are The Biggest Sites On The Web

Because of the amount of data involved in a video download the IT Support analysts estimated that 2% of all internet traffic. And that’s the whole world!

Given that there are dozens of these massive porn sites the IT Support engineers at ExtremeTech estimates that up to 30% of all data transmitted across the web, on a worldwide basis porn

To give you an idea how large these sites are, the amount of views stored on the amount of data stored and the bandwidth used to appear that these websites are Google and Microsoft apart from the web on everything else. That’s how big porn has become on the internet

Impressive IT Support And Development

The IT Support engineers have deduced from this information that the scale of porn websites sites means they must be technically very impressive. Clearly they have some of the worlds cutting edge technology and some brilliant computer architects. And because they are clearly generating such huge amounts of money they must have some very specialized high paid IT support people keeping them running. They should also have huge quantities of hardware and software This would make them very big customers of companies like as Dell and HP.

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